If you run your own small & mid-size business or you are a business decision maker or an accountant or a graduate or student of accounting, read this…


Dear friend,

Have you at any time in your business ever wondered, where does all the money we make in this business disappear to?

Does it not seem odd that you make sales in your business, yet, you always seem to struggle to balance the books?

Is it not frustrating that this happens just when you want to pay important bills? Is it not strange to you that you can’t clearly say if your business is making a profit or loss?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why;

I want to show you how to never worry about your business finances ever again. Trust me.

You Will Know Exactly How Much Is Coming In, How Much Is Going Out And How Much You Have Left Every Single Time


But first, a story.

It was late January 2015, Ade (not real name) was standing in the middle of his office papers littered everywhere - receipts, bank tellers, log books, bank statements, you name it - they were all strewn about the office.

His friend, Olusola Odenike, an accountant was trying to help him make sense of the whole mess.

He was painstakingly trying to record all the details on these papers but they were so much and it would be at least a week or two before any sense could be made of it all.


“What Do I Do, Sola? What Do I Do? The Lagos Internal Revenue Service and Federal Inland Revenue Service Are On My Neck As We Speak”

Ade was almost on the verge of crying because you see, the L.I.R.S and the F.I.R.S had notified him he would be arrested for tax evasion because over the years he had willfully and deliberately escaped his tax liability totally by refusing to make returns to the tax authorities and unless he produced his tax returns or paid up what was billed to him, plus penalties and interests, he stand the risk of being locked up without bail.

What was more?

Ade couldn’t even determine how much had been spent, what it was spent on and how much was left in the bank. He doesn’t have any recording system that takes care of his business transactions. Ade is not aware that having a good accounting system works hand-in-hand with his tax obligations.

There were too many receipts missing and it would almost take a miracle to put the business finances in order. And you know what?

This same scenario might just be playing out in your business now


You Could Have The Same Problem Ade Is Having…

By This Time Tomorrow


How are you taking stock of your business processes, especially your cash-flow? How do you determine who owes you what, how much they owe you and when it is due?

Do you know exactly to the exact kobo, how much you’ll spend in your business in the next 30 days, 60, 90 days, one year? Can you say right now, that you know exactly how much money you have in your business account?

Heck, how are you recording your expenses?


Here’s how most people do it


They get a book, and write it by hand.
Well guess what?
That’s old school!
Manual recording of business transactions is archaic, prone to errors, will land you in hot water with tax authorities and will ultimately…


Cause Your Business To Fail!

Ask any business building expert, it’s an open secret that ONE strong reason many businesses fail is because they have…

CASHFLOW problems

Money going out is more than money coming in. No one knows exactly “WHY” money is going out. Employees are stealing. Frivolous expenses are made and gradually the business is suffocated. It gasps for air and eventually dies off. Then the entrepreneur will sit and wonder what went wrong.

And guess what?

They will blame the government, the economy and even their customers. But they forget the biggest culprit of all… THEMSELVES.

If you are having cash-flow problems, getting heat from Government tax agencies or your business is on the verge of collapse it’s almost always because


Your Business Accounts Are In Bad Shape!

Bad business accounts lead to:

  • Heavy loss of revenue from accounts not settled by people who owe your business
  • Employee theft because nothing can be traced very easily
  • Unnecessary expenses (someone I know had his staff spending almost a million naira on PR in one year!) and finally,
  • A disjointed and failed business.

Would you like your business to fail? You don’t?

Then here’s what you must do: Get this Sage 50 & Quickbooks video tutorials…




…and learn everything there is to know on the use of Sage 50 & Quickbooks Accounting software solution so that your business or your employer’s business is no longer exposed to theft or irreconcilable differences.

If you are one of those that has ever wondered if it was possible to comprehend the dynamics, deploy and become an expert on the use of accounting packages such as SAGE 50 & QUICKBOOKS, then i’ll counsel you to stop wondering. It’s a possibility! The demand for knowledgeable users of accounting package by organisations (profit and not-for profit) are astronomically on the increase in recent time.

There is hardly any newspaper vacancy advert for the post of an Accountant you’ll come across and not read as one of the requirements – “Must Be A Good User Of Sage 50 & Quickbooks Accounting Package” and seriously, the reasons are not far-fetched.

Organisations understand the benefits attached to it thus the emphasis on it as against the use of manual or other accounting systems. Moreso, in this information age where business activities and transactions are done at the click of a button, the accounting profession can’t afford to be left out.

The inability of job applicants having a full grasp on the usability of Sage 50 & Quickbooks accounting package has held some back from making the required dream job move or applying for a job that requires same expertise. It is sad, but that is the truth.

Unfortunately, there are many that are yet to come to terms with it, let alone understand the dynamics involved with the use of Sage 50 & Quickbooks Accounting software.

For some, it means a relegation or demotion in the organizational hierarchy while for others; it’s a complete loss of confidence in themselves, all because this essential skill is missing in their skillset.

This Sage 50 video tutorial package is used by smart people who strongly desire a change in their workplace. The user friendliness is second to none; the interface is appealing and very easy to master. The output is amazing.

In this step-by-step Sage 50 & Quickbooks video tutorial, there are twelve (12) chapters that will hold you by the hand and walk you through the fundamentals to postings into the general ledger and generation of financial statements.

And the good part is, you can always replay any part of the video that seems not to be clear to you at the instant. You don’t need the internet to watch it. It comes as a standalone, off-the-shelf video tutorial in a DVD.

It answers to the frustration most accounting graduates, accounts department or accountants have as regards the preparation of financial statements for their organisations.

This is one of the many reasons why it is a Must Have. Let me give you an insight into what each chapter of the video tutorial has in stock for you.

Chapter 1: Introduction To Sage 50 & Quickbooks

  1. Why do you use Accounting software?
  2. Getting oriented to Sage 50 & Quickbooks software
  3. Using the Help menu

Chapter 2: Accounting Primer

  1. Accounting 101 – Introduction to Accounting
  2. Basic Financial statements

Chapter3: The Sage 50 & Quickbooks Company File

  1. Preparing to setup a new company
  2. Using the new company setup wizard
  3. Working with the chart of accounts & creating a new account

Chapter 4: Company Information and the General Journal

  1. Restoring project files
  2. Managing General Ledger (GL) accounts
  3. Creating General Ledger (GL) entries

Chapter 5: Vendors and Inventory

  1. Accounting for Inventory
  2. Setting up vendor and inventory defaults
  3. Setting up to sell
  4. Ordering and receiving inventory
  5. Working with assemblies
  6. Taking inventory and adjusting quantity
  7. Reporting on inventory

Chapter 6: Receiving and Paying Bills

  1. Entering bills
  2. Writing a cheque for a cash purchase
  3. Paying, printing and voiding cheques

Chapter 7: Customers and Sales

  1. Creating sales defaults and sales tax (VAT, Withholding tax)
  2. Working with customers
  3. The sales process and creating a quote
  4. Converting the quote to a sales order

Chapter 8: Receiving Payments

  1. Entering receipts of payments
  2. Making deposits
  3. Generating statements

Chapter 9: Employees and Payroll

  1. Payroll and employee consideration
  2. Working with the payroll wizard
  3. Setting up employees records
  4. Running payroll
  5. Invoicing for time and expenses
  6. Payroll reports and liabilities

Chapter 10: Forms

  1. Customising a form
  2. Adding Sage 50 & Quickbooks data to a form
  3. Using customized forms

Chapter 11: Reporting Formats

  1. Using Pre-configured reports
  2. Customising reports
  3. Using report styles and report groups
  4. Writing letters and mail merge

Chapter 12: Closing and Maintenance

  1. Preparing to close the books
  2. End of period housekeeping
  3. Reconciling Bank accounts
  4. Closing the books, backup and restore

These are the chapters contained herein and i can guarantee that by the time you are through watching these videos and trying your hands on the Sage 50 accounting software, you’ll be amazed as to how easy it is to put Sage 50 & Quickbooks accounting packages (any version) to use.

Sage 50 & Quickbooks video tutorials are skillfully compiled to anticipate the needs of small & mid- size business owners, whether it be creating invoices or managing cash flow, general accounting, reporting & analytics, inventory & services, payroll & employees, productivity & integrations, scalability and many more. It provides the required training for your accountant as well as knowledge simple enough for non-accountants to learn quickly.

Those who take the leap to buying this Sage 50 & Quickbooks video tutorial will experience not only greater efficiency, but also more insight into areas that are succeeding and those that could use some adjustment.

In simple English, it will help you grow your business faster and make you more money! Wouldn’t you like to have this Sage 50 & Quickbooks video tutorials ‘miracle’ work wonders in your life? Well then get yourself or your business a copy of this SAGE 50 & Quickbooks accounting video tutorials now.


But What If I Already Have An Accountant, You Ask?

Well, then you still need the SAGE 50 & Quickbooks video tutorials and here’s why. TIMELINESS, RELEVANCE, ACCURACY, UNDERSTANDABILITY, DETAIL are part of the key attributes a good financial information is expected to provide you and that is what Sage 50 puts into your hand for timely and effective decision making. As the business owner, you are able to make sound planning and also control your business.

But your accountant needs to be well equipped in order to provide the aforementioned and so the Sage 50 & Quickbooks video tutorial runs him through the dynamics for efficiency & effectiveness at the workplace. He will actually thank you for picking it up, because it will save him time, time he can productively deploy to other areas of your business and help grow it even bigger. Learning and deploying the accounting solution will help them think better, plan better and then have more confidence to make decisions that will benefit and profit you. So…

How Do You Get The Sage 50 & Quickbooks Video Tutorials?

It comes as a standalone, off-the-shelf video tutorial in a DVD. Currently, it sells at our office at #17b, Bank Olemoh Street, Off Akerele Road, Surulere, Lagos.

Sage 50 & Quickbooks Video Tutorials in DVD is N5,500.00 (Five Thousand, Five Hundred Naira Only).

There are less than 19 copies available and when that’s gone, the price increases to N7,500 for good. I sincerely advise that you get your own copy now while you can. If you are desirous of adding a new skill that will increase your worth in the marketplace, then this package is for you.

If you believe that you can automate your bookkeeping and accounting transactions by learning how to use the Sage 50 & Quickbooks accounting packages, then this is for you. If you think and know that you can learn and become a Sage 50 consultant as well and begin to charge others fee for accounting solutions deployment, then this is for you.

Here Is How To Obtain Your Personal Copy Today

Step One:

Pay to any branch of GTBank Plc /Diamond Bank Plc or transfer the amount using the account details below:

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTB)
Diamond Bank Plc
Account Name: Anele Chidera Dele
Account Number: 0001538622
  Account Name: Anele Chidera Dele
Account Number: 0028934933

P.S: In addition to what you'll learn from the MIBS course, I'll also have your back to provide you with support whenever you'll need it.

Kindly note that :

Buyers outside Lagos State, the shipping cost (courier service) is N2,300.

Lagos residents shipping cost (courier service) is N1,300.

This cost is exclusive.

Include the cost to the purchase price of N5,500 (cost of the product in DVD) before making payments.

Alternatively, you can come over to our office with your deposit slip or teller without paying the shipping cost to pick up your product.

Step Two:

Mail the details of your payment to us for confirmation either to Chidera@kitemarkSolutions.com or info.kitemark@gmail.com or better still, send an sms to 0802 318 9838 , 0818 739 0015 Please, include the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your GSM number
  3. Your email address
  4. Your postal address
  5. The amount paid, deposit slip number, date of payment & name of depositor (Just in case someone paid on your behalf)
  6. Title of product i.e. “SAGE 50 & QUICKBOOKS VIDEO CD”.

Step Three:

Once we confirm your payment, we will send the DVD WITHIN 24HRS to the postal/contact address you provide for us. So, it is essential that you give us accurate details as regards your address so that the courier service doesn’t deliver to the wrong address.


If what I’ve said so far is not what you experience or you are not completely fulfilled with your purchase, simply return the DVD within 7 days after purchase and i will return your money to you, in full, with no questions asked and no stories!

“He Who Fails To Plan Is Planning To Fail"
...Winston Churchill

Some things should never be left to chance. And your business is one of them. Sage 50 & Quickbooks video tutorials gives you the simplicity, flexibility and advantage your business needs to survive the next one year, and the years after that.

So get your copy of our Sage 50 & Quickbooks Video Tutorials NOW and WATCH your business soar on eagles wings like never before. I’ve got a name to protect. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

Are You Still Reading? 

If I were you, i’d quickly head over to the bank and pay before the available product is exhausted. You can do a bank transfer even if it is 2AM.

To your business optimisation,

Chidera Anele

08023189838, 08187390015

P.S: Sage 50 & Quickbooks Video Tutorials are the answer you’ve been looking for all these days. It’s in your own best interest. Go get it now and start saving your business early enough, before everything goes up in flames.

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