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Having An Accounting Software Run Your Growing Business Is Not Debatable

If you think that starting your own business is a stroll in the park, then you might be in for a rude shock. A lot of interrelated tasks come into play. Aside from developing good products and having enviable services at your disposal, you still have a responsibility to sell to...

Your Business – Tax Audits – Its Exposure

Every Year during tax time many Nigerian businesses start to get afraid because they have to prepare their tax returns. This task causes anxiety for many, and it is avoided to the last minute for many others. Most of us know that if the FIRS & LIRS (Lagos State) is involved...

The Value An Accountant Will Add To Your Business

The Value An Accountant Will Add To Your Business If you are a growing small business or just a start-up, you will undoubtly want to ensure that your business entity gets right-off the hook in 2014. For any business owner, of any size and any industry there are numerous issues to...